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i like art and i think its fun to make. i don't get abstract but i like it. i don't think im very good but i try. :3
okay, so i'm gonna do this...

since it is international coming out day and i never "officially" came out, i'm gonna do it now so here we go.

i am asexual, pan-romantic, and Gender queer, and i have been for a really long time.
i came out  to my close friends first and then my parents after because most of my friends are Queer themselves and my parents aren't and in some ways i feel closer to my friends then i do to my parents. i first started questioning two-ish years ago and came out one or two years ago but it felt like a lot of never really took my coming out seriously. and i had just sort of done casually, kind of a "hey can you help me with this math question? also i'm Ace. where do you want to sit at lunch today?" so this is my "official" coming out.
i should probably explain a little more than i have.

Asexual: asexuality is when you do not experience sexual attraction to anyone, but like everything else in life, it's a spectrum. 
there are Aces who don't experience sexual attraction and don't feel comfortable with sexual activities, grey-As don't experience sexual attraction but depending on the person are okay with varying degrees of sexual activities, and Demisexuals don't experience sexual attraction towards someone unless they experience romantic attraction to them first.
i know i'm grey-A but i think i might be Demisexual (i'm still trying to figure that one out because i'm in my first ever relationship right now and i'm trying to figure out what all these emotions and feeling i have for my BAE are and mean. :/ )

pan-romantic: is being romanticly attracted (NOT the same as sexual attraction) to all genders, including ones outside of male or female genders, such as genderfluid people and agender people.

gender queer: emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, i am neither male nor female even though i was born female. i use neutral pronouns (they, them, their) and being referenced to by feminine pronouns makes me uncomfortable with my self and my body. (not actual definition that every genderqueer goes by but it's accurate to me.)

i realize that i have always been this way, ever since i was a little kid, i just never knew that what the terms were or that there was nothing wrong with me until now. but now i know, and it's good knowing. =^-^=
so this is my "official" coming out, Ta-Da!

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